Audience Reviews

5* ‘ The Lost Boy’s Hollywood History of the World was a very entertaining and an unexpected adventure through the different ages of Hollywood filled with lots of laughs, interaction and, of course, film references. A great, really funny show for Derby Comedy festival 2015. Can’t wait to see the next one!’

Laura Bottomley 2015

5* ‘Absolutely brilliant pair who bring a genuinely unique thrust to the stand up genre revelling in the electric world of Hollywood and extreme characters in perilous or risqué situations. A must-see!’

Edward Pickering-Symes 2015

5* ‘Lost boys Hollywood history of the world was one of my favorite shows I have seen of theirs and I have seen many, I really enjoyed watching it and I was smiling and laughing throughout the whole performance. I’m Looking forward to future upcoming shows and performances.’

Amelia Finch 2015

5* ‘The Poo Monster. Not so much toilet humour, far further down in the sewer humour. But never let the puerile nature of it disguise the intelligent, sharp writing and clever gags. Very engaging, very funny, and the Lost Boys doing what they do best, with the Blue Peter sets, energetic panto style delivery and sheer chaos of what they provide. It’s fast, furious and fabulous entertainment.’

Nick Britten 2015

5* ‘Brilliant show, Hollywood’s History of the World, The Lost Boys as funny as ever. Great to get the audience involved, I was laughing from start to finish!!’

Lauren Rowley 2015

5* ‘The Revenge of The Gargantuan Poo Monster. After buying tickets to see this we were not quite sure what to expect. Some years ago we saw Bottom Live ( starring Rik Mayall & Ade Edmondson), Paul & Ben of The Lost Boys had just as much energy, enthusiasm, commitment, professionalism & humour. They deserve to be found and given more recognition for the excellent work that they do.’

Janet Bottomley 2015

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