We, The Lost Boys have embarked on an exploration of produced works and blend them with our existing methodologies and contemporary theatre practice. The Lost Boys believe that British theatre and artist development was and still remains the best in the world and wish to contribute to those successes whilst continually developing as professionals ourselves.

To do this The Lost Boys aim to work with other artists, some more experienced, some less so, to learn from each and to produce existing published works. The aim is to create a breeding ground for talent and to push individuals skills by benefitting from working with other artists and crew and breathing new life into classics and lesser-known works.

See below for upcoming productions, if you wish to get involved or want further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ears on a Beatle (UK Premiere) Video Promo

35 years ago John lennon Was shot. 44 years ago the FBI placed him under surveillance. Where do you draw the line between coincidence and conspiracy?

After a long legal battle, the US government published the FBI files on John Lennon through the freedom of Information Act. This play is based on those files. Two agents are assigned to the place the ‘Subject’, John Lennon under surveillance. As they proceed with their job of watching, documenting, and reporting on the life of someone else, their own lives become affected as their assignment lasts nearly 10 years until John Lennon’s death in 1980. This true chapter in American History is not simply a docu-drama but poses further questions concerning celebrity and world leader assassinations. Where do you draw the line between coincidence and conspiracy?

Producer                           Director             Sound Design    Company Manager

Paul Broesmith              Dr Pete Meakin       John Adams         David Barton


Agent McClure          Special Agent Ballantyne

Ben Adwick                Paul Broesmith

Ears on a Beatle Final_2 chris

Ears on a Beatle Final_2

5 * “Ears on a beetle” last night was wonderful. The kind of show you can recommend without giving it another thought.

Matt McGuinness, Director, Furthest From The Sea

5 * Ears on a Beatle is completely different to any of the other Lost Boys productions that I have seen. But it is absolutely superb, and showcases how extremely talented and versatile these artists are. Fascinating look into a controversial topic that is rife with conspiracy theories; this play is not only entertaining, but informative and thought provoking. Top notch.

Victoria Spence

5 * We expect the Lost Boys to be madcap & irreverent. With Ears on a Beatle it’s a different approach – no crazy antics and they prove themselves to be extremely accomplished actors who have the ability to take a more traditional approach to performance whist still engaging the audience from start to finish with this excellent 2 hander. Go see, you won’t be disappointed.

Sarah Gatford Ltd

5 * Thought Ears on A Beetle was top class! Funny and poignant, go see it!

Sarah Elizabeth Russell

5 * Ears on a Beatle was superb. The simple yet highly effective set and space was perfect for this production emphasizing the claustrophobic feel of the story and how it affects the characters involved.   Paul Broesmith and Ben Adwick play wonderfully off each other. They managed to strike that fine balance between tragedy and comedy that is so often sought after.  It’s exciting to see work like this in Derby and it should be something that Derby Live take in to account for future productions.            Danny Solomon

Criticial Reviews of Ears on a Beatle:

Ed Fringe Review


TV Bomb

Go Live

The Quotidian Times
‘Highly effective… I can’t honestly think of a better way to start than with this’

Ed Fringe Review
‘Two good performances and great comic timing.’
‘All in all, this is a smart examination of the tensions of the era, the generational feuds over gender, race, and politics’
‘Ears on a Beatle’ succeeds in an enjoyable production’

Broadway Baby
‘ Defies Expectations’


Me and Robert McKee (UK Premiere)

Billy, a writer, is reliant on teaching scriptwriting for a living and the bottle for oblivion; his sense of self-worth is teetering on the edge.

When Mac, his best friend, a banker and would-be producer, offers him a screenplay to write, the offer is not all it seems.

Anyone can write, writing is the great free market of artistic expression. There’s no exams to pass, no subs to pay, no fees, no licence. It’s open slather. Entirely self-regulatory. You can do whatever you please. Like banking.

A play for anyone who has tried to write a screenplay, or teach creative writing.

Producer                      Director             Sound Design    Company Manager

Paul Broesmith        Dr Pete Meakin       John Adams         David Barton


Billy                              Mac

Ben Adwick                Paul Broesmith

Me&RobertMcKee Poster (2)



The Lost Boys continue their exploration of biographical productions, this time bringing to life Brian Lobel’s personal and intimate play which challenges the inspirational stories of survivors.

The play infuses the ‘Cancer Story’ with an urgency and humour which is sometimes salacious and always, above all else, honest and open.

The production weaves together a myriad of topics and themes, providing cancer with a much deserved kick in the ball(s). The Lost Boys have been given access to all of Brian lobel’s notes that he made when first creating the play. They also hope the raise awareness of Male cancer during the production.

Producer                      Director                     AV  Design        Company Manager

Paul Broesmith        Dr Pete Meakin             Ben Adwick         David Barton


Paul Broesmith

Opening Night Audience feedback

Wasn’t sure what to expect and how it would make me feel but this one man production was superb, a fab job with a sensitive subject, well done guys!

Sarah Lathean


Uncompromising, uneasy and just plain funny. Go see it.

Matt McGuinness


Really brilliant performance.

Bev Crighton


Great production. Fantastic performance by Paul Broesmith in a one man show that welds humour and the harsh reality of cancer together brilliantly.

Clare Snape


I thought it was fab – funny, thought provoking and slightly disconcerting! My favourite bit was the hula hooping.

Louise Wilks

Really sensitive, yet funny play about a very serious subject. Great performance by Paul Broesmith in a very intimate one-hander. Thoroughly enjoyed it….

Chris Coleman


5*  Just returned from Ball and have nothing but admiration for those behind the production. Laugh out loud funny and an incredible performance from Paul Broesmith, utterly captivating from beginning to end and manfully ignored a full drum rehearsal reverberating around the room from nearby.

Steve Glover

Not often one can compliment a production with terms like ‘Complete Ball’s Up’.
Just to say how much we enjoyed it – And the most succinct observation would be to confirm it achieved what was written by yourself in the programme -:
It was memorable because Paul Broesmith the actor remained in the changing room – and we spent an intense hour in the company of Paul Broesmith the sufferer.

Tim Elgood

Check your balls









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