At the Lost Boys HQ, we love nothing more than creating original work from a variety of sources and putting it through our own blender of geeky film, arts and literature knowledge, developing unique productions that explore the source of inspiration employing a mixture of stand-up, sketch-humour and absurd comedy. See below for more info on our current productions and upcoming works

A Hollywood History of the World

A very Lost Boys exploration of how Hollywood has treated historical fact and how that has affected the layman’s understanding of history. Debuting at the Derby Comedy Festival 2015 blending stand-up comedy, sketch humour and theatre creating a whirlwind production of cliches, wigs and wit.

hollywood history final


5* ‘ The Lost Boy’s Hollywood History of the World was a very entertaining and an unexpected adventure through the different ages of Hollywood filled with lots of laughs, interaction and, of course, film references. A great, really funny show for Derby Comedy festival 2015. Can’t wait to see the next one!’        Laura Bottomley 2015

5* ‘Absolutely brilliant pair who bring a genuinely unique thrust to the stand up genre revelling in the electric world of Hollywood and extreme characters in perilous or risqué situations. A must-see!’                                                Edward Pickering-Symes 2015

5* ‘Lost boys Hollywood history of the world was one of my favorite shows I have seen of theirs and I have seen many, I really enjoyed watching it and I was smiling and laughing throughout the whole performance. I’m Looking forward to future upcoming shows and performances.’                                                                                Amelia Finch 2015

5* ‘Brilliant show, Hollywood’s History of the World, The Lost Boys as funny as ever. Great to get the audience involved, I was laughing from start to finish!!’

Lauren Rowley 2015

“Fab night – Paul & Ben may well need psychiatric treatment but their weird and wonderful minds produce some super comedy. If you ever get the chance to see this unrestrainable duo (The Lostboys) then I urge you to do so!”

Simon Graham 2016

Previous Works:

Around the World in 80 Plays

Image00008 Upper class Thespian Marlowe accepts a ludicrous challenge to circumnavigate the globe performing 80 plays in 80 days in the native countries. If he succeeds he will save his beloved theatre from being demolished. However, he can’t go alone and so he takes along a cockney street performer to play all the supporting parts. However, unbeknownst to them, a disgruntled fellow actor is on their tail and is out to stop them by any means. Great family show with songs, dance, fisticuffs, film projection and plenty of wigs.

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