The Lost Boys believe that the arts and education are strongly linked and in combination make for exciting and innovative learning. Both Lost Boys directors, Ben and Paul are trained and qualified teachers with over 25 years of experience between them. The Lost Boys education programmes and workshops were created to maximise engagement and strongly factor in differentiation and contemporary learning theories to ensure that Every Child Matters. British Values are also explored and supported through each workshop. The workshops tap into the Lost Boys professional experience in theatre, film and fight performance.

Please see our programmes below


Story Board – Learn English and Literacy through their application within film and theatre. Discover how the language and literacy you learn is used in theatre and film production to make entertainment we all love. This is focused on developing literacy and confidence through storytelling. This workshop will be tailored specifically to any key stage and will be focused on the national curriculum objectives. Students will use their own creativity to develop their literacy skills through a process of developing a story from initial idea to finished product. Students will create a story in the medium of their choice, from traditional narrative through to comic book. Performance of finish product optional. Key Stages 1-5.

Script Writing – Learn how to create a winning plot, develop the narrative, structure your script, write sparkling dialogue, build believable characters and craft dynamic scenes through The Lost Boys tried and tested approach to new writing. Key Stages 1-5.

Textual Exploration – Learn how to dissect and analyse a text considering both authorship and readership.  We focus on a text as a whole, specific plot points, characters, themes and issues. The workshops focus on using drama techniques to gain a deeper understanding of a text and to give students the opportunity to give a real world context to the texts they are studying. Key Stages 4-5. Current workshops available are:

  • Lord of the Flies
  • The Crucible
  • A Streetcar Named Desire
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
  • A Christmas Carol

Devising –  Learn how to create original work from a series of inspiring sources. The Lost Boys have created, devised and produced nearly 20 original productions and events exploring different devising techniques along the way. The Lost Boys will work with students of any age and can tailor workshops directly to specific awarding bodies and marking criteria passing on this experience. The workshops will focus on how to respond creatively to a stimulus, how to explore and get the most out of the devising process. Embedded links with English. Key Stages 3-5.

Acting – Learn some of the different approaches to acting from both Western and Eastern cultures and how to apply these to texts, character, physical and vocal performance. Key Stages 3-5.

Page to Stage –  Learn what it takes to produce a play and turn the written word into love action for a paying audience. We will explore play texts and even works of literature and explore how we can bring them to life. The text is just the beginning and we focus on breathing life into the printed page and engaging students with seeing the characters, plot and ideas as living entities. Embedded with English. Key Stages 4-5.

Stage Combat – Learn how stunt performers and choreographers create fights for TV, Film and Stage ensuring effective story telling, realistic characters and above all else safety, whether that is a slap, punch, kick or the use of weapons. We are specialised in unarmed and armed stage combat and can run workshops that are focused on skills building by exploring stage combat technique in either the armed or unarmed discipline. We can also focus on a specific text and look at how combat can bring the text alive in a completely different way. Risk assessments and health and safety are always the primary concern. Key Stages 4-5.


Click here to see RIII Project Video


Public Speaking and Personal Impact – A full day workshop that covers the art of public speaking and and positive communication skills whether they are used on a one-to-one basis, small groups or large groups. Students will explore, speech physiology, vocal techniques, body language, and speech structure culminating in a speech delivery at the end of the day.  Key Stages 3-5.

Public Speaking Awards – Derby’s Annual Public Speaking competition contested by schools. Learn communication skills, including vocal and body language techniques to become an excellent orator and maybe win the trophy and prize.

Finalists 2015
Finalists 2015

Teamwork – Learn the art of teamwork, exploring what makes teams effective, the different roles needed to make a team successful and what roles best suit you as the individual and within the team. These workshops are designed to be fun and accessible for all. Key Stages 3-5.

Employability Training – You have the ambition, aspiration and are on your way to getting the qualifications. Now learn how to hunt for the job, write the killer CV and succeed at the Interview, exploring the top 10 desired skills by industry leaders today through the training that also includes; verbal, physical and written communication skills and positive impact techniques. Key Stages 5.

Kicking Obesity – Learn how to stay fit and healthy by learning the moves and techniques behind some of your favourite films and TV programmes action  and fight sequences. Discover how actors and choreographers stay and keep fit, through nutrition, historic weaponry and fight training. All ages. Key Stages 3-5.


We are able to tailor workshops to your needs. This may focus on a specific assignment you are running or even a specific marking criteria that you may need some new creative ideas on how to explore. Our educational experience allows us to be able to really focus on any aspect of a course that you choose, this could also include the creation of resources and teacher training to ensure that a legacy could be achieved. All of the above can also be accessed for adult learning as well if teacher’s would like to develop their existing skills or even develop new ones.

We also have workshops that were designed to sit alongside some of our productions. Please contact us for more information on those.


Action Figures – Learn maths and numeracy through the exciting world of stunt and action performance. Discover how the maths you learn can be used to plan and carry out action sequence and fight choreography for stage and screen. Key Stages 1-5.

Weird Science – Learn Science through their use in theatre and film production. Discover how science is used to create the special effects and illusions you see on stage and screen.  Key Stages 1-5.


Over 95% of our workshop attendees rated the training as excellent and that they would recommend them to others here are some of their personal comments below:

‘It was very helpful and useful.’                                                                                       Student

‘Made us feel comfortable when performing, wasn’t as scary as I expected. Also the feedback was very useful.’                                                                                                  Student

‘Challenging and exciting.’                                                                                                Student

‘The workshop really boosted my confidence.’                                                           Student

‘They really helped me improve my confidence.’                                                       Student

‘I feel more confident now speaking in front of people I do not know.’              Student

‘I feel like I know how to do all the things they taught me.’                                    Student

“Paul is a creative, spontaneous passionate person who is able to influence and inspire others. He has strong leadership and management skills; he is able to communicate effectively in a variety of different situations and always has a unique ability to listen to others whilst staying true to his own beliefs. Paul is a fine communicator, a skilled negotiator and an acute strategist. He has developed a number of diverse ventures from simple ideas into finished, effective projects.”

Chris Coleman, Programme Coordinator, Derby College

“I have worked with Paul for over three years in various roles and have always found him to be innovative, hardworking and creative. The projects we have worked on together have been both successful and exciting and in his role a director of Lost Boys Productions he gives 100% effort and commitment. I look forward to working with Paul and Lostboys Productions as we develop further areas of collaborations.”

Helen Britten,  Satellite Club Activator at Derby City Council

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