As part of Lost Boys Learning we also enjoy working on community projects. This work usually involves The Lost Boys working with sections of the global community who would benefit from an arts-based project to raise awareness of an issue or to tackle an issue head-on, with the larger aim being to improve the lives affected by these issues.

For more information on these projects please see below.

Bridging The Gap Project – 2015

The Lost Boys worked with Gateway Soundz and Age UK on a project based in Chaddesden, Derby to explore the generational divide within the community and the conflict that can sometimes arise out of this. The project ran for six months and included pupils from Leesbrook School, members of Chaddesden Park Community Centre, Chesapeake Youth Centre and Derby City Council. The project was funded by The National Lottery and featured regular workshops  featuring music, theatre and creative writing, that culminated in a two hour performance attended by over 250 people.



5 * Worked with the boys on Bridging the gap project, a multi generational program working with the community of Chaddesden in Derby. I was one of the music coordinators. These guys are the real deal! Inspirational, engaging professional and a total plesure to work with! Very flexible and quick to react to challanges faced when working with such a varied cross section of the community! Nice one guys! C u next time!                                                                                                           Joe Brown

Click here for more info and a video


Mutari Mutari Project – 2014 and beyond

In 2014, The Lost Boys Artistic Director, Paul Broesmith journeyed to Kenya, Africa to work with two different schools, utilising different aspects of Lost Boys Learning programmes including core subjects but also confidence and life-enhancing workshops. The project saw Paul visit Mutari Mutari slum school, which is situated in the biggest slum in Kenya. Most of the children there are severely underdeveloped and over half of them are victims of HIV.

Paul worked with the incredible staff and pupils there and found the experience life-changing. He also worked with Banda Prepatory School who also contributed to the work in the Mutari Mutari School. Paul will be returning back to the Schools along with Ben in 2017 to work there for longer and hopefully The Lost Boys will sponsor at least two children, ensuring their education and well-being for the future.




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