Why The Lost Boys?

We as The Lost Boys believe that the arts have an important role to play in society; as tools of education, entertainment and ultimately, improving people’s lives. This may be as escapism from the daily grind or by highlighting and exploring issues that effect groups of society. Either way we want our audiences to have a great time when they come to one of our shows, events or workshops.

J.M Barrie wrote of a group of boys who lived in a fantastical place in a land far, far away. These boys never grew up and constantly used their imagination to go on quests, rescue missions and adventures. We (Ben and Paul) have been working together for nearly a decade and in that time we have been on many adventures with each other and our audiences; travelling around the world in 80 plays, overcoming the worst kind of monster, trekking to the North Pole with Shackleton, being visited by three ghosts at Christmas, hunting demons and monsters with the BFI and inter-dimensional time-travelling with Hollywood Legends.

We  are just as happy creating immersive promenade events in non-traditional settings, interacting with people in street theatre or playing to audiences in the theatre. We continue to develop our own work  striving forwards bringing our creative worlds to audiences across the UK.

So that is why The Lost Boys. Never lose the child-like sense of play, go on adventures and bring joy to as  many people as possible whether that is helping them or entertaining them or both.

See you soon.


  1. To explore forms, devices and concepts from the worlds of entertainment, literature and art to produce new writing, devised and published theatrical works.
  2. To encourage new audiences to access different types of arts and education by creating multi art events in non-traditional spaces.
  3. To design inspiring educational workshops utilising theatre, film and stunt performance.
  4. To create and foster an emerging practice based on developing individual skills and knowledge of each work’s collaborative.
  5. To have a positive impact on society by engaging them in arts and education.



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